Three Steps To Repairing A Windshield After It Was Broken By Your Child

Posted on: 19 September 2017


Breaking a window or a windshield can happen during childhood. Children not being careful when they are playing outside can lead to a broken windshield on a car. At other times, children may throw a temper tantrum while in the car and break the windshield when they toss things around in the car. If your child has broken or cracked a windshield it is common to become upset. Teaching your children about the consequences is a major learning experience for everyone in the family. Here are three ways to teach your child a lesson after they break your windshield:

Let them know the cost

Although you may not want to have your child worry over money, it is important that all people learn the value of money. Talk to your child about the cost of the windshield so that they know how much a repair will cost. Let them know that being responsible will lead to saving money for other things they want while being irresponsible will lead to paying for repair costs. If your child broke the windshield on purpose, you may wish to take some of the money from the windshield out of their allowance. 

Make them responsible for overseeing the windshield replacement

Teaching children about the work and time that can go into repairs and other household issues early will give them a greater respect for their parents time. Have your child help you choose a windshield repair company that you prefer for your new windshield. If they are old enough, they should be able to call and help set up the appointment for the windshield repair company to come to your location or set up a time for you to bring the car in. Lastly, they should accompany you to the appointment so that they can see the work that goes into the repair. 

Talk about changes

If your child broke the windshield when they were angry or if this is the second time that they have been irresponsible and broke the windshield, a new talk about changes is in order. Have a sit-down talk with your child about what they will do differently. Maybe they will try to express their anger in a calm and verbal manner instead of throwing a tantrum. Maybe they will play away from the house and cars, rather than playing near any structures that tend to break. Changing behaviors to be more responsible is a win-win for everyone in the family.

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