The Weather Is Changing: How To Stop Winter From Ruining Your Carpets

Posted on: 20 October 2017


The cold winter weather will soon be here, and so will the threat to your carpeting. Whether it's the freezing rain or the heavy snowfall, winter weather can wreak havoc on your carpeting. If you're worried about what the winter weather will do to your carpeting, don't panic. Here are three simple solutions to the threat of winter carpet damage:

Start with a Good Cleaning

If you haven't had your carpets professionally cleaned in a while, late fall is a good time to take care of that. The snow hasn't started falling yet, and the roads haven't been salted. Before the brutal winter weather arrives, have your carpeting deep cleaned. The deep cleaning will remove the ground in dirt that could turn to stains once snow and road salt starts getting tracked into your home. Not only that, but it will give you clean carpeting for the holiday parties you might be planning. Once winter is over, you'll need to have your carpeting cleaned again. This time, it will be to remove the ground in dirt that winter left behind.

Vacuum More Frequently

You'll have a lot of dirt and debris tracked into your home during the winter. You'll be dealing with mud, road salt, and even ground up leaves. All those items can spell disaster for your carpeting. To help protect the delicate fibers of your carpeting, you'll need to vacuum more frequently than you usually do. If you have a lot of foot traffic through your home during the winter, you should try and vacuum at least once every couple of days. If you have pets and small children, consider vacuuming once a day during the winter months.

Clear the Salt Stains

If you're dealing with snow and icy roads, you're probably dealing with your fair share of road salt. If you're not careful, road salt can leave nasty stains on your carpeting. Luckily, they're relatively easy to get rid of if you act quickly enough. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts warm water and distilled vinegar. Spray to solution onto your salt stains and work it gently into the fibers with your fingers. Place a clean cloth over the stain and press down firmly to remove the stain and the cleaning solution. Repeat as necessary wherever you find a salt stain on your carpeting. To help keep salt stains off your carpet, place a boot tray next to your front door. The boots, the road salt, and the stains will stay outside, and off of your carpeting.

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